"Beautiful as poetry; ludicrous as science."

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The realm of the mind is entirely fantasy. Fantasy in the typical definition is something of a historical time coming out of the dark ages with swords and knights, often with some element of magic or otherworldly realm, but I mean fantasy in the “not reality” aspect. Reality is what is here and now, or […]

Sail Away Selah’s Way

Sorry for my absence. I’m sailing to Australia at the moment.

Scrobble to with Pianobar

Pianobar is an excellent command-line Pandora client. It has support for calling external commands when songs play, pause, skip, et cetera via the event_command directive. With this, we can add a little scrobbling script and get our listening tracks sent to First, cd to ~/.config/pianobar (or mkdir if it doesn’t exist) and paste […]

Puppet bootstrap

When starting a brand-new puppet environment, this is the procedure I usually follow to get a client/server bootstrap. First get puppet installed on two boxes, one will be a master and one (or both) will be clients. (Note: You need some kind of name-resolution infrastructure, either via DNS or /etc/hosts. Puppet clients by default try […]

Fullscreen Cocoa Emacs on OS X 10.6

The age old battle of editors rages on, but I have a feeling that it’s largely due to misunderstandings of purpose and ignorance of the opposing party. I have been a vi/vim user for 10+ years and found myself strongly advocating vim’s qualities of being lighter and more prevalence than emacs without having so much […]

Suppress iTunes invocation on Pause/Play key

On my Macbook I have the F1-12 keys accessible under the Fn key, and instead by default they have various actions such as changing the volume or brightness, activating exposé, or other various functions. F7-F9 are shortcut keys for Next Track, Play/Pause, and Previous Track for music or other media. When I got my mac […]