Joining the Tautology Club

by Hunter Haugen

Hunter Haugen is a sys-admin/hacker of 10 years turned DevOps in an attempt to understand, play, and ultimately win The Game. Sorry, I mean The Game. My current battleground is a little open source company called Puppet Labs in the home of open source, Portland Oregon. My theatre is the world (it’s in my job description) — as of last Monday I have signed on as a consultant with Puppet’s Professional Services team to offer training seminars around the world for those who want to understand and use the configuration management software called ‘Puppet.’ I also have aspirations of being a successful entrepreneur one day, but so far haven’t gotten the hang of the ‘successful’ part.

As with all good Portlanders, I relish the experience of engaging in the most efficient form of mechanized transportation and often go on long (60-600 mile) bicycle rides with my family of 6 (3 are siblings). I also enjoy the motorized version, which is also my primary form of transportation at the moment, rain or shine. Quick trivia: I was run over by a tractor while driving a motorcycle in India. My other interests are keyboards, ultralight backpacking, languages, and a collection of things that a large percentage of the population also find captivating.

Coming up next: technical and non-technical things about OS X, productivity, coding, and things relating to but not entirely 42.